Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation Beyond the Infrastructure Plan: The Plumbing Industry Steps Up

A sad and startling truth is that even if the Biden Administration succeeds in funding and completing more than $100 billion in plumbing and drinking water infrastructure improvements, there will still be more than two million Americans lacking access to clean running water and flush toilets. Even worse, this number is increasing. That is because […]

How to Build Plumbing Resiliency Into Your Community

It doesn’t take much for a natural disaster to turn into a water crisis. Weeks after power was restored to Texans impacted by the 2021 Winter Storm Uri, hundreds of thousands of Texans still didn’t have running water. Extreme weather and disasters like the western wildfires can impact a community’s water access for months and […]

What I Learned About Disinformation and the International Code Council

Let me start by saying right up front: this is a story about a competitor. My organization, the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) competes with the International Code Council (ICC) for code adoption throughout the U.S. This means I’m not a disinterested party to their actions. But it also means I have […]

New Method Modernizes Hunter’s Curve Demand Estimates

Hunter’s Curve, an 80-year-old chart used to predict peak water demand in plumbing systems, has been applied as the foundation for many of today’s plumbing codes. While it has been a dependable tool, Hunter’s Curve was recently modernized – with a new methodology and new features added to IAPMO’s Water Demand Calculator – to consider […]